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The time has come for you to make a change in your life. Discover your purpose in life, understand and overcome what is preventing you from realising that purpose, discover a life of fulfilment, free of inconsequential and mundane worries, find your path of least resistance with - Navigation Astrology.
Rajesh Dhirubhai Pala is the first proponent of Navigation Astrology, that is an amalgamation of various physical and esoteric sciences. After over 35 years of study and practice, He has developed a unique, comprehensive and holistic way to provide guidance to people who want to live a life of hope, direction and fulfilment.

What is Navigation Astrology?

As the name suggests Navigation Astrology is a means to help you navigate through your life. This is a comprehensive science that encompasses various sciences such as Vedic Astrology, Medical Astrology, Astro-Psycho Therapy, Astro-Relationship Therapy, Astro Vaastu, Astro Numerology, Esoteric Yoga, Tantra and Cosmic Ray Therapy.
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Every individual has a path of least resistance, which is a way of life that is devoid of struggle, stress and negativity. It is that stage in life where you feel that everything flows easily, where you know how to take the right decisions with discernment and where you know what you want out of life and how to get it.

The path of least resistance refers to that direction in life, where an individual is in tune with his/her destiny. Where he begins to act according to the plan that was created for him (because he can begin to gauge that plan). For instance, if someone’s destiny includes an abundance of material comforts, it bears well for this kind of an individual to pursue a high-return lifestyle. Whereas if someone is destined to be childless, it would be advisable for such an individual to give up the desire for an offspring.

But often, we don’t know what our destinies hold for us. And in the rare case where we do know, we tend to reject it, run away from it or just ignore it. And so we use our free will to pursue the things that we ought not to pursue in this lifetime. And hence we suffer, we flounder and struggle. This results in a long list of maladies, on the physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual levels.

We then spend an entire lifetime chasing what we shouldn’t be chasing and pre-occupy ourselves with things that are not meant for us. As a result, we stall any kind of emotional, mental or spiritual growth.

If one desires to be peaceful in life, it is suggested to first understand what is one’s life’s plan (or destiny) and then to act according to that plan. More importantly, we must inculcate an attitude of gratitude, and accept whatever it is our soul has chosen for our selves. It is the soul that determines the destiny of an individual. It is the soul that chooses to place an individual in certain circumstances through a certain lifetime (due to Karmic calculations). But when we go against what the soul has planned for us, we falter, stumble and struggle.

Navigation Astrology delves into the spiritual realm and strives to dig out the original plan of an individual. After having done so, a Navigational Astrologer then rectifies any existing problems in an individual (situational, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and directs him towards his path of least resistance.

Sometimes the truth can be bitter, and people often reject or run away from what they are destined for. This causes even greater turmoil. A good Navigation Astrologer, knows how to lead a person on a path of least resistance.



Vedic Astrology

Medical Astrology and Ayurveda

Astro Psycho therapy

Astro Relationship Therapy

Astro Vaastu

Astro Numerology

Esoteric Yoga


Cosmic ray therapy


Rajesh Dhirubhai Pala

Rajesh Pala was a student at Nair Hospital (one of India’s premiere Medical Schools) when he found himself strongly drawn to the science of Astrology. During his medical studies he pursued advanced studies in Astrology and accumulated several degrees and certifications in this science and allied subjects.

Rajesh Pala is a Psychotherapist and has a Ph.D in Astro-Psycho therapy and Ph.D in Vaastu Shastra.

He teaches advanced Astrology to Astrologers and is the first proponent of Navigation Astrology. He has served as a speaker at various reputed institutes and schools of learning.

Apart form the above qualifications, Rajesh has also studied alternative medicine (Homeopathy and Ayurveda), in addition to Naturopathy. Rajesh has deep interest in esoteric subjects and has studied various esoteric sciences such as Tantra, Raj Yoga and Astro-Spiritual Yoga for over 30 years.

After many years of study and practice, Rajesh has found the common link that connects all these sciences, both physical and esoteric. It is this realisation that prompted him to create a holistic, scientific and accurate way of providing guidance to those who seek to that ‘more’ from life.

Rajesh is available for private consultations as well as lectures on all of the aforementioned subjects.


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